April 25, 2005

getting bored of moving

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Aye… I actually don’t have that much stuff. It
took so short before I packed up everything. On the other hand, Tara, Sarah and
Brian are so busy packing, and everything they have are spreaded out. Now it’s
still in a big cluster and I think with this speed, it’s quite possible
that they will still have half of the stuff unmoved after tomorrow. At least
Sarah and Brian already admitted that they will only move the big furnitures
first and whatever happen to the small things…. they will just use their car.
I’m pretty light packed, first of all, I don’t have many books and
secondly, I don’t have many kitchenwear. I think there’s something
good about mom banning me from buying books.
Mom asked me take my matress with me. I’m still
wondering about that, because it’s quite a big thing to keep. If I don’t sleep
on it, I’ll need to make a coach or something. I might be able to invite plotty
to sleep over more often this summer.

April 24, 2005

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organic grapes

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Organic grapes were on sale a week or two ago, so I
was enjoying it so much. Now they’re back to normal price, so I just bought
some mass produced ones, THEY TASTE SO BAD… I’m really spoiled
It’s so HOT today!  i wanted to were nothing.
I went to Bena’s church today. I LOVE IT SO
MUCH!! I think it’s amazing how God interfered on this. I didn’t plan
to change churches, but I definitely felt that I didn’t qute belong to. John’s.
Then our practice changed to Sunday night so i had to change to
somewhere else. Then  Bena invited me, so now (‘m in love with
I met this girl called Marian. She’s really nice
and she’s living in Vanier right now. Her mom and brother are in California and
father and twin sister are in Hongkong. Now I don’t feel that my family is soo
scattered anymore. LOL
Tara’s packing now and she’s so hot
too.  I feel hot even just stting here, I wonder how goalball’s gonna
kill me tonight. Tonight’s supposed to be drill night, so it’s gonna be

I’m actually enjoying packing!

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Oh man… how I feel good about not having exams hanging over my head. I’m actually enjoying packing. Not that there’s anything so interesting about it.

Although I have to say, I did find many things that I didn’t take notice before. I forgot or never knew I had them. I just left them as they were when I moved here, and now I’m recovering little treasures.

I told Bena a while ago that I would go to church with her today, but I think both of us forgot about it. I msged her last night and I hope she’d get it. She’s leaving for Hong Kong soon. I don’t know what awaits her on the other side of the earth. She said that she might go to Saudi Arabia as well! That’s such a neat trip. I want to go somewhere like that too someday.

I wonder what Carson’s doing. We haven’t talked yesterday. He’s probably out doing something. He needs to pick a verse again. Hope he got the last one down.

Baba and I were chatting through emails about how come I didn’t get good grades this term, or year rather. He was quite encouraging and simply listened to me. I don’t know what to say. I was just lacking motivation and I didn’t want to review while I didn’t have theose knowledge solid in my guts the first time arround.

April 23, 2005

Screwed up my econ final!!

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THIS!!! Econ was so hard. I can’t believe it. I think I felt that way
everytime I came out of Gateman’s tests, but this time I felt particularly
so. I think I just thought it would be easy and didn’t quite study for it.
I wrote down something in every slot, but I was unsure about most of the
CLASSES ANYMORE?? Oh well… whatever.
Stats went
well. I was unsure about a couple questions, but overall, I knew how to do
the questions. I prayed last night about it and I’m thankful for it. Too
bad I didn’t pray for econ. Princess Sai would say that this one is the
most worthy of praying, but why wasn’t I so wise!!?? Uh oh.. this paragraph
is supposed to be for  stats, how come I came back complaining about
econ again?
At least, now that I’m done, I can relax a bit and have a lot "fun"
packing and moving. I think I’ll do a quick move this time. I’ll put all my
drawers into a big bag and just ship them all together, instead of taking
everything out and back in again.
I called my new landlady Mrs Seewald, and she sounds quite nice. She
sounds a little like Pauline from St. Annes, only Pauline doesn’t have the
slight eastern European accent as Mrs. Seewald. I don’t know how far my
friendship with her can go, but Jing the housemate I’m having sounds like
she doesn’t want to have much to do wth me, because when I asked her some
things, she just made it really formal and said that she’s just a tenant
and "these things" should be the landlady’s responsibility to answer.
Well… I can’t say she’s any more wrong than I

April 22, 2005

Today is my summer, and my winter

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Oh man…  the weather is sooo nice today. I
just wore tanktop and shorts for the whole day. Even at night, after I left
international group, it was mild. Viola did say that she feels chilly,
but I think it’s just right. Afterall, she’s from Guangdong
I had my math 317 exam. It was so hard, and I
felt like I was in winter when I was writing it. So many questions I
had no idea about. Afterwards, I met 李强 outside. He said it was really hard
for him too. And another chinese guy, probably from Dongbei. I felt a little bit
better since if they even felt it was hard, then …. it wasn’t because I was so
dumb… or not only because of that. Both of them were very good at
李强 was having another exam in the afternoon. It was
stats, and he felt that it was very hard. Tomorrow, he’s having English, and he
said he was quite sure that he’s failing, but I’m sure that there’s still a
little bit of hope in him that some miracle will happen. I pray that his exams
will go well, and God please do show mercy on him for he is a loving person and
respectful. He has not laughed at me or neglected me, neither has he looked down
on anyone else, like the Dongbei guy who swear every second word. (Oh man.. God
help me too that I will see everyone equally) I pray that you will not be so
harsh on him in English, it is his second language and he’s already 25 afterall.
He has all those hard engineering courses to worry about.
Uncle Sam seems to be very happy now that his done
all his exams and  his section of math 317 was soo easy. … grudging…
well.. sorry…  I might meet up with him sme time to have lunch or
something. But I’ll worry about moving first.
Jonathon’s moving out of Carson’s place
tomorrow, I don’t know how that will go, but I hope he can have a good
fellowship with Dustin and his housemates. I can see them laughing together
quite well. They are both mild tempered and loving people. I hope that
Carson won’t be so lonely. I don’t know what it would be like, wihtout school
and without real work, without housemates, without Bible studies… and without
girlfriend, wink wink* Whatever, he’ll figure it out. I probably will
be envying him for his idleness for the next month or

April 21, 2005

an account of this year’s goalball national

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I thought of doing this for a long time, but never
got arround doing it. I’ve already forgotten so much of it, so I’d better record
this year’s goalball national before I forget further.
First of all, I wouldn’t know much, because this is
my first national’s, but later on when I come back to it, I shall be able to
compare. Overall, the games went expectedly. The men’s teams are: BC, Alberta,
Saskatchwan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova
Scotia and Quebec (was there Newfoundland? I don’t remember).
Anyway, the first, second, third and fourth places were Ontario, Alberta,
Quebec and Nova Scotia respectively. Ontario performed distinctively. They had
enough good players for two teams. Their uniform is just black with white
numbers. Oh come on! How can the biggest province in Canada use such dull
colors, but anyhow. They won undoubtedly. Alberta had many people too, and they
were very good in the regional tournament in Calgary as well. They have a couple
very strong shooters, although I have to say they are rather big and inflexible.
One of the centres, Mike, he’s quite flexible though, although he doesn’t like
to move much.
Quebec was a little disappointing. They just had
Mario and no one else really. Mario is a really strong shooter, his shots just
flew across the court with one touch before hte over throw line and right into
the goal net. I can’t quite believe it yet. His shots much be 5 times as strong
as Shane’s. However, because they had many hole’s in their defense(whenever
there’s a penalty shot, Mario doesn’t even try to stop it!), their score is not
as good as Mario would like. I didn’t watch the Bronze game, but Mario was so
mad during that game that he was grudging and panting and everything. I think it
must have been ery funny. (I’m sorry O_O)
Nova Scotia…. I don’t remember them. i think at
one point, out BC men almost beat them… :p
Saskatchwan is not as much better compare to us as
they were during the regional tournament. They had Tony alright, but he was in
such a bad temper a lot of the times, that I don’t think he had a very good
influence in other players.
The weakest team was probably Manitoba. I don’t
want to bash them because they are new. Not much more experienced than me, so
they are doing pretty well for their goalball "age". I met two of the guys
during the reception. I think one had Native descent and another was
Vienamese. I think it’s really good that they ave these other ethnic groups
participating, not like us, only me is asian and that’s about all the
noncoacasian there is.  New Brunswick was not as good as our BC men, but
it’s not because they were  bad, but because we are good!!! woo
To the girls, PEI won as usual, What’s her name…
Contassa? she’s a really really strong shooter, oh my God! She throws like a
man. I’m gonna be in her team in Defi, lucky me. Their overall pattern is pretty
tight. So much better than us that i don’t really know how to comment. Then
there’s Quebec, they had so many national players. I wonder why they didn’t win.
The centre girl Vivian was really nice, Nancy who’s really a strong thrower gave
me a nose bleed (I don’t blame her, she’s a really good thrower), Vivian asked
me couple times how the nose is in a very sincere way. She told me how her
injuries were and we left together for the airport, while eeryone else stayed
for the banquet on Sunday night. I will be on Vivian’s team at Defi.
 Oh yeah, Quebec got the Bronze, the Silber
was by saskatchewan. Amy Alsop is really good in defense. I remember in the semi
final, it was Shawna who throw the winning shot in a additional period with a
I liked Shawna, but I don’t think I’ll be able to
meet her again. She didn’t enter the National Pool. Now I feel kinda dumb,
because I’m just over enthusiastic, and people don’t even want to
One thing that was worthy of recording is that
Shane brought his liquor to the reception hoping that he wouldn’t need to buy a
lot of liquor, but he got cought. LOL What a Shaner. Also, I met Monty for
the first time. He’s really really nice, and I loved his stereo and massage


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I can’t belive today’s sunny again. 老天在给我白眼看! Just at this time of year, when I’m all sick of studying, the spring comes. Everything sprouts  I saw new flowers got planted out in people’s yards. They probably just got out of their planters, and all huddles of leaves and blooms are still shy. Later on, they will spread out and reach out to each other. At that time, the soil will be covered and the carpet of flowers will be like the people in World Youth Day! 到那时,没有人会问,那有几朵花,而花儿会以片,以丛计。爽!Once I wrote on my jounal that flowers in Victoria were too overwhelming, an excesive amount, which I could hardly appreciate. I can’t quite feel that now (but maybe later), now the only thing I have is the craving to go out there.

Carson said he’s all done!! I am happy for him because he’s been lagging for so long. I think he must be a really patient person to work on one paper for THIS LONG. If it was me, I would hae gotten sick of it long ago. I would have just get it done regardless what quality it is. Aye… 没救了. Last night, I was complaining that I wanna get out of school and do something exciting, either go teach english abroad or something else. We mentioned Capernwray, because Dustin was telling me about it, but I’m 99% sure that it’s just gonna be a little fantasy I hold on to, not going to come true. It just feels too surreal. As for teaching english abroad.  I don’t quite want to go to Japan; I wanna go to some countries that I’m even less familiar with. Like south east Asia or eastern Europe. That would be so exciting. Maybe I can do co-op there. Like the other guy in Engineering who went to Switzerland for co-op.. ummm how do you spell that?

Oh well, back to studying. I actually feel that the sun is cursing me rather than me cursing the sun!!

April 20, 2005

just moved here…

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I’ve gotten tired of Xanga, I hate moing it, but I don’t like the basic model. I guess if I had more interest in this, I could have done more HTML work, but I’m just sick of it after the programming stuff I did at school. I guess I’m really not lik emy dad in that sense. It makes me wonder where my website at help.cn go, but apparently, they change the IP address so often that I can’t follow anymore. I think I should ask dad about it though because many of my pictures are there in storage. I should really check it out, before it gets lost.

I’m wondering if I will be able to transfer my Xanga entries over here, or do I just have to copy and past things. I’ll check it out later when I have time.