April 21, 2005

an account of this year’s goalball national

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I thought of doing this for a long time, but never
got arround doing it. I’ve already forgotten so much of it, so I’d better record
this year’s goalball national before I forget further.
First of all, I wouldn’t know much, because this is
my first national’s, but later on when I come back to it, I shall be able to
compare. Overall, the games went expectedly. The men’s teams are: BC, Alberta,
Saskatchwan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova
Scotia and Quebec (was there Newfoundland? I don’t remember).
Anyway, the first, second, third and fourth places were Ontario, Alberta,
Quebec and Nova Scotia respectively. Ontario performed distinctively. They had
enough good players for two teams. Their uniform is just black with white
numbers. Oh come on! How can the biggest province in Canada use such dull
colors, but anyhow. They won undoubtedly. Alberta had many people too, and they
were very good in the regional tournament in Calgary as well. They have a couple
very strong shooters, although I have to say they are rather big and inflexible.
One of the centres, Mike, he’s quite flexible though, although he doesn’t like
to move much.
Quebec was a little disappointing. They just had
Mario and no one else really. Mario is a really strong shooter, his shots just
flew across the court with one touch before hte over throw line and right into
the goal net. I can’t quite believe it yet. His shots much be 5 times as strong
as Shane’s. However, because they had many hole’s in their defense(whenever
there’s a penalty shot, Mario doesn’t even try to stop it!), their score is not
as good as Mario would like. I didn’t watch the Bronze game, but Mario was so
mad during that game that he was grudging and panting and everything. I think it
must have been ery funny. (I’m sorry O_O)
Nova Scotia…. I don’t remember them. i think at
one point, out BC men almost beat them… :p
Saskatchwan is not as much better compare to us as
they were during the regional tournament. They had Tony alright, but he was in
such a bad temper a lot of the times, that I don’t think he had a very good
influence in other players.
The weakest team was probably Manitoba. I don’t
want to bash them because they are new. Not much more experienced than me, so
they are doing pretty well for their goalball "age". I met two of the guys
during the reception. I think one had Native descent and another was
Vienamese. I think it’s really good that they ave these other ethnic groups
participating, not like us, only me is asian and that’s about all the
noncoacasian there is.  New Brunswick was not as good as our BC men, but
it’s not because they were  bad, but because we are good!!! woo
To the girls, PEI won as usual, What’s her name…
Contassa? she’s a really really strong shooter, oh my God! She throws like a
man. I’m gonna be in her team in Defi, lucky me. Their overall pattern is pretty
tight. So much better than us that i don’t really know how to comment. Then
there’s Quebec, they had so many national players. I wonder why they didn’t win.
The centre girl Vivian was really nice, Nancy who’s really a strong thrower gave
me a nose bleed (I don’t blame her, she’s a really good thrower), Vivian asked
me couple times how the nose is in a very sincere way. She told me how her
injuries were and we left together for the airport, while eeryone else stayed
for the banquet on Sunday night. I will be on Vivian’s team at Defi.
 Oh yeah, Quebec got the Bronze, the Silber
was by saskatchewan. Amy Alsop is really good in defense. I remember in the semi
final, it was Shawna who throw the winning shot in a additional period with a
I liked Shawna, but I don’t think I’ll be able to
meet her again. She didn’t enter the National Pool. Now I feel kinda dumb,
because I’m just over enthusiastic, and people don’t even want to
One thing that was worthy of recording is that
Shane brought his liquor to the reception hoping that he wouldn’t need to buy a
lot of liquor, but he got cought. LOL What a Shaner. Also, I met Monty for
the first time. He’s really really nice, and I loved his stereo and massage

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