April 24, 2005

organic grapes

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:06 pm by changisme

Organic grapes were on sale a week or two ago, so I
was enjoying it so much. Now they’re back to normal price, so I just bought
some mass produced ones, THEY TASTE SO BAD… I’m really spoiled
It’s so HOT today!  i wanted to were nothing.
I went to Bena’s church today. I LOVE IT SO
MUCH!! I think it’s amazing how God interfered on this. I didn’t plan
to change churches, but I definitely felt that I didn’t qute belong to. John’s.
Then our practice changed to Sunday night so i had to change to
somewhere else. Then  Bena invited me, so now (‘m in love with
I met this girl called Marian. She’s really nice
and she’s living in Vanier right now. Her mom and brother are in California and
father and twin sister are in Hongkong. Now I don’t feel that my family is soo
scattered anymore. LOL
Tara’s packing now and she’s so hot
too.  I feel hot even just stting here, I wonder how goalball’s gonna
kill me tonight. Tonight’s supposed to be drill night, so it’s gonna be

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