April 25, 2005

getting bored of moving

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:48 pm by changisme

Aye… I actually don’t have that much stuff. It
took so short before I packed up everything. On the other hand, Tara, Sarah and
Brian are so busy packing, and everything they have are spreaded out. Now it’s
still in a big cluster and I think with this speed, it’s quite possible
that they will still have half of the stuff unmoved after tomorrow. At least
Sarah and Brian already admitted that they will only move the big furnitures
first and whatever happen to the small things…. they will just use their car.
I’m pretty light packed, first of all, I don’t have many books and
secondly, I don’t have many kitchenwear. I think there’s something
good about mom banning me from buying books.
Mom asked me take my matress with me. I’m still
wondering about that, because it’s quite a big thing to keep. If I don’t sleep
on it, I’ll need to make a coach or something. I might be able to invite plotty
to sleep over more often this summer.

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  1. Cat said,

    hey..u got space now? ^^cool..

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