May 9, 2005

Defi and SEW

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:50 am by changisme

Oh man… what a week
has passed!
Defi was quite incredible I learnt to much. I changed my way
of shooting, and supposedly, the coaches said it was a lot better. I feel
it’s hard to be accurate at this moment though. I keeps on throwing out
SEW was okay. I liked the camp and I loved the stars. When I
was walking under thenight sky with Jodi. I felt for the first time in my
life that the stars were coming to me and hugging me rather than me trying
so hard to seek them and end up having this faint light at the back of my
head. The stars in Manitoba however was brave. they sing the light out
loud and without fear. How I love them.
The worship was good, We used Give Us Clean Hands for our
theme song. I think we should always do that for a camp, so that every time
we hear that song, we just remember the time we had together. When I went
to Italy, it was light that, everytime I hear that Celin Deon song, I just
remember Marco.

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