May 15, 2005

the Liffe of Pi

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:42 am by changisme

If there’s one more thing that can save me when I’m alone now, it is reading. I borrowed the Life of Pi. Richard Parker seems to mark this survival adventure ever so distinct.The whole book is filled with pain and blood and yet it is soaked in love and humour.

There were so many comments that are worthy of chewing. At the beginning of the journey. Pi is with the haina. He is constantly struggling between holding on to the bigger hope over the horizon and the immediate danger. For awhile, Pi has one eye on the horizon while the other on the haina. Later on, he gave up the bigger hope entirely.

How true is that! The bigger hope is so not there for him when the pain is scratching his bowl. How true is that! Even though he keeps up with his religious ritual, the key to survival in this world is still what’s in front of you. The greater fantasy is there to fill a creak in your mind. However essential it is, can it complete you?


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