May 16, 2005

the second cultural revolution

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I just an email response from Zhang Hang today. He
told me so many shocking things I can’t bare to believe. As much as I am
outraged about, I am glad that many people are clear minded in front of the
situation and as Brother Yaung said, the persicution actually motivates people
to strive for what they believe.
If these sounds quite … "wow"… to you , it is
actually quite a lot to swallow. The new government lead by Hu is on a mission
of cultural control and close monitoring. They closed quite a few famous
university BBS’s. For example Shui Mu Qing Hua, which had been there as long as
I can remember internet exsisted in China. They closed it because they want the
school to start an official discussion forum where only in school student
registered with their real names can publish entries on it. The same incidences
happened in the Beijing Univeristy and Nanjing Univesity. The students are
outraged and went on protest. We can’t do much, most people, because they are
young, just had their attention shifted to something else, such as the Japanese
issue, says Hang.
Several newspaper got "reformed" with new missions.
there are a couple writers, who published some left-winged articles were banned
from writing them. i don’t know if this blog is gonna get flooded or not if it
gets found out. Hang said that most youths arround him are so self absorbed that
they just think about their career, grad school or dating. I think most of those
people are just assuming that they can’t do anything anyway. Honestly, I would
think that way too although I know it’s wrong. That’s why I used to think I
would never care to vote in my entire life. I don’t think either of my parents
ever voted.
Hang also said that there are many special
agents in universities acting as students to monitor the cultural environment on
campus. I think it’s because it’s one of the politically extreme places and
where people are likely to gather and make something happen rather than just sit
arround in a restaurant and chat about politics over Borcht (stewed beef
brisckets in our case).
Someone from outside China might think this has
been going on ever since, but it’s actually not. For the vast part of my life,
it has been pretty good. Hang also said a lot of people have started to miss
Jiang’s regime.
This sort of explained why when I search for
various sensitive topics on chinese searching engines, it alsways says thi spage
is not found. Not eventhe no result for this search, just the blue exclaimation
I don’t know how long this will last and how much
stronger this wave of second cultural revolution going to be. Nonetheless, I’m
glad the youths like Hang are not nervous about voicing his opinion, I do hope
that we(him and me and others) can start to ddo something… well they already

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  1. olee said,

    i feel so guilty that i still haven\’t written to hang.sometimes i\’m so lazy, sometimes i\’m so busy, sometimes i dunno where to start, how to start. and it just becomes more and more!!i do miss hang. what should i do??

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