May 20, 2005

“who’s not selfish then?” –olee

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:01 am by changisme

Good point Qing. I think we are all selfish, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t put up with it. Yesterday, I was listening to this radio show promoting this series of book called the Seven Deadly Sins (or.. is it Ten?? I can’t remember) anywayz. The author was on the air saying that Buhdism os to escape all desires, and Christianity is to recognize and redirect all the sins. Take greed for example. She was praising Adam Smiths’ selfishness keeps the society going sort of theory. I feel quite irritated by her point of view. I really don’t want to just love everything that exists. Maybe there can be a better way the earth can spin if I’m not selfish.

as important as I thought I was…

Oh yeah, and I hardly ever write to Hang, I think that was my first time ever since I went back last summer… shame on me.


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