May 27, 2005

High of 30 C!

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I woke up this morning finding my window was totally open the whole night, but I didn’t feel chilly at all. The sun shone as if it never left work for the night. Last night I drank so much water because of the temperature that I was woken up by the nature’s call at 5 in the morning. I decided to have a relaxing morning.

Put on the pot and made some tofu with bak choi in soy sauce. How I love soy sauce! Well… I know I know it’s not very good for me~~~~ Then I soaked some fermacceli (however you should spell it). The sun doesn’t come into my basement suite, but as I was preparing my lunch, I can feel this morning is sunny. The radio was on CBC, and it was talking about the Korean community at Coquitlam. Most Koreans living there are small business owners, and one of the reporters wondered if Korea has a tradition of business, but the other said it’s more because those who come here bring capital with them. They were usually richer white collars employed in big enterprises before they came here. I think it’s mostly because they can’t find a job other than dishwashing and labourous jobs alike at first, so they feel slike they might as well start their own business.

I was emailing and chatting with my family in China yesterday and I feel that my chinese is crap right now. I should start a chinese blog and practice my chinese.


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  1. rukia said,

    Yosh! Kopishie! xD!!! I shall be kept up to date on your daily activities from now on thx to this blog!! xD!! Gyahh.. today was SO FREAKING HOT!!! >_<\’\’ Dang it, I want my cold winter back… ;__;

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