June 1, 2005

ARG…MONEY and businessman

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:14 am by changisme

This morning, Fraser Height Secondary is supposed to bring in 35 students for windsurfing field lesson. For some reason, 25 of the kids are being irresponsible and skipped, so only 10 showed up. The teacher called 2 hours prior and said if that is okay. I believe the teacher is being very understanding, so he said that he is willing to negotiate conpensation. Bernard, my boss on the other hand, told me to call off 2 of the instructors, which I succeeded in doing, AND still got quite mad at the teacher and charged him the FULL amount! It’s almost a thousand dollars.

I’m not saying that the students are doing the right thing, but Bernard should either charge the school less or pay the called off isntructors some conpensation! He never dcoes. Only when the teacher argue harshly, does he softens up. Oh my God! I feel so powerless. How rich are public schools? Even if it’s the students who are paying, how rich are they? Even if they deserve some punishment for their irresponsibility, why can’t the instructors get something? Even if they don’t deserve any money not working either, how can Bernard just take in the money like that??!!!! This is outrageous… I’m bad though.. I didn’t say anything… why didn’t I?? ARRGGG freakin’ green-eyed businessman.


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