June 9, 2005

Tropical thunder storm in Cereno, BC!

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:26 pm by changisme

Oh man!! It was an unbelievable thunder storm!!~~~!!!

Anyway, this is how I experienced it:

In darkness, I saw lightning, and thunder followed soon after. I dropped on my knee and felt unable to breathe, as if air pressure was too low.

~~~~~~~~~~I banged my head on the wall, that’s why~~~~~~~~~

Well, that’s not all! Don’t laugh. It wasn’t very painful to be honest, but for some reason, my tear glands started to work up and violent showers poured down. I can’t even control my facial muscles, and I think I must have been crying like a baby. But I was laughing at myself at the same time. It’s just hillarious how my tear glands reacted like this! Crying like a baby after a big blow on the head?? Is that some kind of protective mechanism??

Anyway, shower soon passed and sunshine came back. I, for the first time, wasn’t very pleased to see the rainbow…


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