June 19, 2005

Pool party at Surrey Central

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Shane’s surprise party organized by Kristy was launched today. It was quite successful; apparently even Doug and Kathy went into the water!!!!! Unbelievable.

I thin Kirky got lost and didn’t make it there, and me… I called them but they were in the pool, so I sort of waled arround at Surrey Central. It was not very upsetting, because I’ve never been there, and it was quite something.

There is a big glassy green building, which is Surrey Central, but all the little houses arround it were so different… look quite beat up. What a contrast. And I met this young boy, who was offering to do a little work for everyone passed by. I wanted to have supper with him, like buying a sandwich or something, but he said he had to meet his brother at Tim Horton’s… I didn’t know what to say.

Lateron, I had a little sandwich and a bowl of soup for 3.50 including tax, and headed off to goalball.

I played quite well, with a lot of energy. I love it when I didn’teat too much, because then my blood doesn’t concentrate in my stomach too much.


Met Carson online today… He told me once again, I don’t really initiate conversations with him…. This is a big down swing of my good mood from goalball and Surrey Central. I feel bad not because he blames me, but because he was so right. I just can’t keep in touch with everyone. Why can’t I? Everyone else can. I should email Qing, and see how she’s doing…

God, help me!!! This is too torturing… I dont’ know what to do…….


Mama finally has her internet set up now… she’s starting to have a life at grandma’s, finally.


God, help me!! I can’t stop thinking about this… I thought watching a few movies could help, but I’ve fell back in.


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  1. olee said,

    chang, i just want u to know that u r not alone. \’\’ hai nei cun zhi ji, tian ya ruo bi lin\’\’maybe u havent had contact with others for a couple of days or months or yrs or even centries, but i am sure u r not forgetten and u dont forget all of us,too!we r all together, my dear friend!!be happy,be strong! cuz ur friends r thinking about u right now.( the last sniff was maybe from hang, who\’s writing or eating and thinking of u at the moment! or da,who\’s singing and dancing in shower!! haha)head up, and u see all of us there!!!

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