July 30, 2005

Clubbing night

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Went clubbing with Plotty, Jane and Yuri. We were surely a boring bunch, not crazy enough, but I think we all had fun to certain degrees. Jane looked very tired on her heels. I personally can’t really stand heels… well I can’t stand on heels either. Anyways, she did dance for a long time though. Plotty said she’d preferred more if we could actually hear each other talking. We are more of the talking type I guess. Yuri likes clubs in general, but she looked quite tired too. I think she could have been crazier if we were less restricted. I think she felt that we were too innocent and she didn’t want to be indifferent. I guess that’s okay…
I personally liked it environment, but I would hav prefered a little variation of paces. I mean all the songs were in the same pace with little changes. I would have prefered some changes. And… I would have prefered a little more alcohol… I just had a rhom coke which tasted just like sweetened water psh…. in ice yeah. I think Yuri could use a little more alcohol too. Too bad Jane couldn’t drink because she was our driver.
Baba’s time now 


July 28, 2005


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I am so…HOT!!
I meant temperaturewise…

Half Blood Princess

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I just found out the most possible explanation for me not being a very warm hearted person by nature. I don’t have much blood and neither do I seem to need much of it.
I went to donate blood yesterday for I promised that if I found my keys, I would donate this week. I went to Canadian Blood Services and went through the annoying questions and painful pinch on my index finger. Then I went to measure my blood pressure. This is my most nervous part because I always have low blood pressure and sometimes I can’t donate because of this.
We had a couple measures, and they were 86/62 and.. um (well the other one’s similar), I started sagging… psh… so much for the promise I made, God.. I though I made it to you would make this special and somehow… you know…
The little nurse was apparently more persevere than I was and she measured once more. Whoosh 90/60.
It’s quite weird because when I actually started pumping, the low blood pressure doesn’t really decrease the speed of my blood flow. I finished my half a litre in less than 5 min while most people need about 10 to 15  min. My blood! Why are you leaving me with such enthusiasm?? Plus.. my dad said when he donated blood in China, they only gave 200cc, my body doesn’t weem to mind more than twice as much.
Later on I went to Landa’s house and had not even a slightest feeling. I was playng with those kids and they were on scooters too.
I guess I just don’t need much blood.

July 26, 2005

learn to walk

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I was online with my dad yesterday and we chatted for quite awhile.
"How are you ya?"
"How come you’re always ‘good’?"
Well… I guess I’ve aquired the Western way of saying "good" whenever I’m asked how I am. I remember I used to say "bad" just because I was wondering why people would ask if they all say "good"anyway.
Anyhow, I AM pretty good, except that I was uncertain about whether or not I should take the honour’s math course next term. I told him and explained to him in detail. I don’t know why I always consult him so carefully while I know he’s not much help in these things. I usually know hwat he would say because I know him so well. For someone like me, I get tired of explaining these things, I generally just don’t consult at all. For my dad it’s something different. I don’t know why. I slowly realize that I’m no longer holding his hand and just follow whatever he does anymore; we are walking on two different paths. I can feel the dull pain at the back of my head as I establish my individuality. I feel that I have started, but not yet finished. I am seeking my identity and hopefully there is one LOL!
Dongdong’s college entrance exam carries him to Shenyang, a city in the northeast of China. Most people in Beijing don’t want to go out of the capital, while young high school grads here could be quite excited about going away for college. My cuz is quite upset. I hope he can be okay. My friends from high school do always say how they miss beijing and how other cities are crappy. I just think they are homesick. Dongdong, I hope you well…….. Don’t be afaid, there is a whole world ctrached in front of you.

July 25, 2005


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It’s two full days between I lost and found my
wallet, and it’s quite funny that I lost my wallet on bus 9 and after I found it
I took the bus 9 back….
I can’t believe how many people came to my aid when
I was in a panic. How dare I feel lonely and not befriended?! Plotty and Jane
commiserated with me not going to clubbing (haha); Stacy drove me to goalball
while she herself lives 5 minutes from the gym and I live 50 minutes fromt it;
Peter lent me money when we went out for dinner; Gill, the guy whose nephew
found the wallet, called arround a couple places and waited for me to pick up
until almost 11pm, and Ken walked me to Gill’s place after I nearly broke his
arm in goalball; Cathy found out info for me and suggested me to buy a chain
(and I so will!). Most importantly, Gill’s Nephew who just came to Vancouver for
vacation from Mexico was being honest and considerate. I wanted to give them
rewards, and they wouldn’t take it.
God.. thank you for all these good people you
showed me~~~ I guess compare to these people I was so bad.. I had to cut off
Jane on the phone while she really wanted to talk, and I was in front of the
building to get my wallet…. I was too excited I guess….
On Friday, I was worried and I made a promise to
God that if I find my wallet back, I will go try donate blood this week. Last
time I had the check up, they said my blood pressure is low, but now I’ve swam a
little more, and I believe my cardio is better. I’ll go again.

July 24, 2005

the soothing sea

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I have grown a little attatched to the sea now, having spent two summer working near her regardless of the weather. I felt quite bad yesterday about my ID’s, so I came to the beach and just sat there, read a bit and then sat there for longer. Later on Peter came, but the time siting there was very very soothing, just listening to the water fanning arround, sometimes on rocks, sometimes on sand, while othher times the water just seem to be playing with herself rippling and giggling. It was quite interesting.
I did get some sun burn on my arms though.

July 23, 2005


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I feel bad… Jane and Plotty won’t go clubbing either now… I think.. or at least I hope this really teaches me a lesson. I’ll get a chain like Cathy suggested, and.. I’ll keep my buspass out of my wallet!

July 22, 2005


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I wanna scream~~~
I lost my wallet on the number 9 bus just now, and
I realized it just after the bus left its terminal at Alma… I called translink
and they told me to see if I can catch it before it goes back to the depo, but
when I got to Willow and broadway, it was already too late… dear dear~~~ I
have all my stuff in it except cash, neither do I have anywhere else though!!!!
When I sat down on my seat, I actually heard a
little thud like something dropped, but it didn’t quite register for me to check
my wallet, I sort of looked on the grounds, but didn’t see anything. Oh man…
woo wooo wooooo
Now I can’t go clubbing with Plotty and Jane
tomorrow, because I have no cash, no bank card, no credit card… oh
God speaks, "If you want to be this irresponsible,
then don’t go clubbing!" *blush blush*

July 21, 2005

Harry Potter marely just begins~~~

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I don’t really want to say much about the new Harry Potter book in case people don’t want to know just yet. It does seem like though it’s just begun. I have to say I’m a HP fan, well, a Ron Weasley fan rather. I like the whole world just as much. I think I’m at a point where the magic world is somewhere so real to me already, that when people ask me if the book is good, I can’t quite answer. As if they are asking me to crique the literary value of the world from 1985 to 2005.
Oh… and trust is enbedded in love and love burns deeper than mortal life.

July 20, 2005


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Thor was telling me about the course they are
taking now about people hanging on to unreality, such as the past. I very much
agree that we always have  a choice. As I was talking into the swimming
pool, having had too much sun at the beach, I smelled chlorine again. There is
always the fear lurching at the bottom of my heart as I smell it. It came from
the bad childhood memory of being throwing into the pool. Nonetheless, I can
choose to get in there now and tell myself, as long as I’m in the water for a
few minutes, I won’t notice the smell anymore, and I DO in fact love water very
I was readying Hang’s short story about a guy a
year or two into college, and can’t let go of the past. The guy can’t find
himself in the present, and therefore try to find himself in the past. He can’t
hold on because he realize the past doesn’t exsist anymore. Most people don’t
even think of living for the future anymore, as if there is no purpose if one
doesn’t have a family to care for.
Past cannot be the centre, neither can the future.
What is the present though? It’s nothing but a point on a number line extended
infinitely to both sides. The point has no length, no mass… What is it
accounted for? Present is, afterall, relying on the past and the future.
Everytime we do something, we either look at the past and/or the future don’t
Swimming in the indoor pool at UBC is a little
irritating because the lanes are too short, as soon as I fall into my dreams, I
hit the wall… As if I don’t remember I’m in this body of chlorinated water at
5:00pm July 20th 2005.

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