July 7, 2005

Dan Dan Mein

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:10 pm by changisme

Dan Dan Mein—the most famous Sachwan Noodle!!!
I bought some hot dandan sauce and made some dan dan mein today. How I LOVE it!! The name is dan dan because originally in Sachwan, there were people carrying "dan" like this:

Dan dan mein guys carry these things in town and with noodle, spices and cookware on one basket and a little stove on the other. Every day, they walk arround and sell their noodle. It’s freshly made!!
There are many kinds of dan dan mein actually. Mostly spicy. I had the red soup one,

When I feel chilly, and I often do living close to the ocean, I love eating spicy food…. ahhh so satisfied…
I feel bad that I’m feeling so good.. poor people in Britain.

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