July 12, 2005

I’m looking forward to go to Nanaimo!!

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:22 pm by changisme

It’s going to be saturday, and it will be sunny as well. Woohoo?? What can I do but feeling happy? Even though we won’t really hangout in the sun, it will be a good time together… Doug, Ken, Shane, Stacy, probably I.K. uumm and me Oh yeah and Jill. I haven’t seen her for awhile.
This is exciting! Probably I should be more concerned about taking the Ferry there, but I just can’t put m7yself together to worry about it. I never seem to worry about airplanes, cars and ships. I don’t know why I can just trust those drivers so much. It’s funny for me because I can just establish this complete trust. Let’s say for someone in the position of a teacher, I just trust them so much, or maybe I’m just too lazy to question them.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to Nanaimo demo.

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