July 14, 2005

nice time at the beach

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:50 pm by changisme

The beach was so nice today. I stayed after work to
windsurf. I’m so bad that I can’t remember anything!!! I loved the water though.
It was in a mild temperature.
I was quite absorbed by Bernard windsurfing with
his kids and their friends on the board with him. he used a wide style blue
board and a small sail. Plus his techniques are apparently very good, so the
board was steady as land. The kids were so excited standing on the board in
front of Bernard. I wished my dad were there… although he can’t windsurf
LOL  He, used to be a teacher, was very good at teaching me almost
everything, but he chose not to teach me swimming,  probably because I was
such a strong willed child, and I do remember my swimming coach could do nothing
but threw me into the pool, and I screamed my lungs out. Now I love water. I
hope I was in somewhere hotter though~~~~

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