August 7, 2005

I ‘ m m o r e C a n a d i a n o r w h a t ?

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:51 pm by changisme

I couldn’t believe I spend an hour and a half just lying in Queen Elizabeth Park praying.. well and I read a bit I guess. I think I’m becoming a Canadian. Just a couple years ago I would even dream of doing these type of things. It’s just too slow paced for me. Oh man oh man. I think I enjoy it though, it’s just I’m kind of scared if I ever need to go back to Beijing, it would be too hard.
Not only was pace much slower, I became a lot more patient as well. When we were praying, there was a bagpiper ipracticing. I hate to say it, but his playing was scraching my nerves. I lay there and prayed.. patience… tolerance.. I practiced too and scratched other people’s nerves.. now it’s his turn… patience…. I got by without getting agitated for half an hour. I felt very peaceful afterwards, I even felt like meeting that bagpiper. Maybe he just had a "badpipe" who knows.
To be honest, I’m generally not a very patient person, not only am I STRONG-willed, but I’m also inpatient. I remember being a child jumping up and down and if there was a table banging on a table… I could be angry. Even now, sometimes I bet angry and just want to sware at something or bang on something. I don’t know if just yesterday my whole system is slowed down or what.
Lateron in the evening, I went to see fireworks with Tracy and Jane joined me too. There were so many people at Kits point that we probably had one squared metre per person. I saw quite a few people I haven’t met for a long time, although I don’t know them very well, but it was fun seeing Viola having the huge tummy (the baby has no name yet), and Yong keeps on nudging me to get more food, and Kelvin trying to steal my food without success. Little Eric and little Elizabeth are still a cute pair. Elizabeth certainly doesn’t mind Eric kissing her at all!
The fireworks were nice, although I was a little disappointed that China didn’t wn(wooowoowooo). I have to admit though Sweden’s music was much better. China played for a long time this sad slow song and didn’t quite have a build up to the slimax and just ended. The colars are both very amazing though. I might go to St. John’s tonight… long time no see~~~

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