August 8, 2005

can’t believe it’s second week of August…

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:24 pm by changisme

To be honest, I’ve always had a good time during summer vacation, with or without homework (especially without). It can’t be true that it’s already the second week of August~~~~
God an email from my cousin, who just finished his college entrance exam which means this is his first summer without homework… AND HE SAID HE’S BORED AND WANTS SCHOOL TO START?? I can’t believe him. I’ve never had that feeling ever!! I always had tons of things that I want to do and lined up…. wow.. probably acquiring knowledge is quite interesting for him…
He’s going to Shenyang for college, a city in the north. Hang told me how the people there call everyone buddy but are actualy quite shrewed, they use your money as if it’s their own. I don’t know how this comes to be that people from different parts keep bashing one another. I’ve had people telling me how Beijing people are too mean and proud. My mom used to tell me how Taiwanese bosses aer mean to workers Others say Shanghainese look down on everyone else…. They weren’t even joking when they say it, and for my mom, she doesn’t even think it’s a bad thing to say. "Experience somes from life,"She’d say. whatever…
I do hope my couzzy will have a good time though. Away from home for the first time. Oh yeah, and he will start off hard though because the military training awaits him first… half of a month, be strong.

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