August 11, 2005

My new bike, Pho

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I decided to call my new bike Pho. It is the first
place I went with her…um him I meant.
I got it and felt so excited. It’s the first
first-handed asset I’ve perchased for myself. Asset meaning… BIG THING . I could kinda
imagine now how my mom told me about in their days, a bike, a sewing machine and
a radio are the three big assets people needed to get married. I think it’s just
the excitement of actually ponder on, and spend the time and effort to buy
something you really look forward to, plus it the money you earned yourself.
PLUS it’s brand new.
I rode from Main and Marien to Fraser to have Pho,
my first destination! Then I had my nice vermicelli soup, and chilled. I rode to
41st and Fraser cuz I had to run with the goalball folds. We worked on
sprinting… which wasn’t exactly what I could handle after all the climbing up
the hills… my quads just felt sore~~~~~ Then I rode home, I don’t know why I
chose to do that… but I had a really good time on 37th. It was quiet and cool.
The good thing was that there weren’t many cars arround; the bad thing was that
if there were much else I couldn’t have seen them anyway. I was trying to hard
to see that I was seeing doubles by the time I passed west
I was very very soothing though. I didn’t imagine
biking on a summer night could be this nice. It just reminds me of that song…
Summer night, everything is
It amazes me sometimes how
much I love to be alone. It also amazes how much I desire to be with someone
else. And it scares me how easily this gear can shift in
Welcome to my world

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