August 14, 2005


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I had a very nice evening at the Filippino Night.
We had a rich dinner with a lot of stewed beef, pork and spring rolls. I love
the rice… Then there were the beautiful performances. I can’t believe how
professional the made the whole event. It was just pumping up my mood.
I loved the coconut dance the most. The
quack-quack-quack was fun and jumpy. I loved it. Plus they did it well, I think
they were pros. Cathy’s mom was in the candle dance. It looked very difficult,
pretty too.
Bena and them did the banboo dance. It was quite
interesting. I only saw in on TV before, now that it’s done in front of me, it
looked more fun than ever. I especially loved the sound of the banboo sticks…
I hope Jane had a good time too. I certainly got to
know more about the Philippines this time than I knew before. Oh and I hope
Sue’s okay… God be with her. Gloria drove us home. She’d be really tired from
the trip and the long day…. and hope Hannah’s roommate’s

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