August 19, 2005

I finished the upside-down dog book

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It’s a lovely book. I have to say, I didn’t know Brits f* arround that much. or is it just making a biiger contrast between Christopher’s world and the rest of the world? I guess it is necessary to comform to the environment just for the sake of making our own lives and other people’s lives easier. It seems however we try to reject it, learning to be accepted will happen to everyone nonetheless, unless you are like Christopher I guess.  I think then I’ll try to stop talking about it, because it seems, for now, it’s out of my control whether or not I try to fit in.
I biked quite a bit today. It was very nice and sunny. I don’t like going downhill because the wind is so loud that I fear I can’t hear the cars. Nonetheless, going downhill makes me feel fast and flying, I’m starting to appreciate itmore and more. It’s kinda like swimming actually. I don’ t feel my weight as much. I want to go swimming later, maybe I will… hmmm.
We didn’t quite run yesterday as we usually do on Thursedays, because Stacy said she wanted to do somehting fun and spontaneous. I really love to be spontaneous too. It’s the way I feel romantic. I don’t really know how to be romantic otherwise, being spontaneous makes me feel energized. So… that was what we did, we just hang out arround the monkey bars. We did feel that being spontaneous had one drawback: we wanted to play a bit soccer, but we didn’t plan to bring a soccer ball. Maybe next time Doug could bring Paige’s little yellow ball or Stacy could bring the frisbee. I haven’t played soccer for so so long. I used to love it when I was in elementary. Playing with Doug and Ken makes me feel kinda advantaged hehehehe evil laough *** >:D ***

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