August 22, 2005

amazed again

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:45 am by changisme

For the past several weeks, because my goalball season ended, I could go to church again. However, I sort of had to drag myself there… cuz… it just reminds me of my feeling of my foreignness. Yesterday, I finished supper and watched some HK TV show, and I just didn’t want to go. Only 20 min till the service started, I prayed… just let me get into the grove… please. Then I biked hard and got there a little past 7:15. I was sweaty but sang hard. After the service, I went to the Trendal Lounge to have a cup of tea (cuz I was so thirsty), and I amazingly had a very good time. I was laughing hard because Kelvin and John were being very funny and Tracy and Kelvin didn’t take off right after the service for their lovers’ walk (I have nothing against that).  I had a very smooth ride home through small streets, under the tranquility of the moonlight. Moreover, only after 11:30, I b ecame quite tired, which is the first time for a long time, because of the hard ride to St. John’s probably).

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