August 25, 2005

Hope and purpose

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I say my hope of life is beyond death, but is it true? If I’m living for my purpose/duty, can I really have endured? I don’t think so. I think I look forward to a lot of things in life and they are giving me more hope than the Hope hope. Probably this is wrong? The Hope though, is that misterious and unimaginable. How can I hope for it while I don’t even know what it would be? Is that the fear then? Fear of the unknown? I don’t think I should be scared of Heaven, neither should I be scared of the coming of Heaven. I know it is good, very good, much better than snuggle with family and playing goalball, but I find it hard to hope for when I don’t have the movie playing in my mind.
Or probably, I just haven’t suffered enough. I have received more material blessings than spiritual ones, so  much so that I am steered by lust? It’s lust, isn’t it? When I can hope for it more than the Day approaching. And yet, I’m glad I love life. Is that my purpose? To love life and to love the ones sharing it with me?
Hamlet was good, although I can’t quite understand the way they use the music just yet. It’s quite an obscure background, makes the whole play feel like the audiance is watching from the grave.
I hope we had sat at a different angle because the lights were partly shining onto us, but we were a little late enjoying our picnic too much.
I took Mr. Freeman’s cutleries and utensils, oh and bread and spread. LOL That was very greedy of me just for the first encounter!


  1. Jane said,

    wouldn\’t the things you hope for in life be indicative of the hope Hope? LOL Like time with family be indicative of the love you will feel etc. I thought the music brought out the tension and made it less, dull and tragic? almost more thriller-like…like what\’s gonna happen next?

  2. Karen said,

    I think that connection between the Hope hope and my small hopes isn\’t what motivates me, but you know… who am I? I\’m not the navigator of my life really.

  3. Karen said,

    or am I? I don\’t know really…

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