August 30, 2005

me me me

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I had a good evening with the Navs and Uncle Richard. He was very interesting, plus I so needed a good look at my attitude towards serving.
I care excessively much about what other people think of me. I stress over my relationships. When I do things, I couldn’t be myself or make the WWJD choices, and then later on I regret often because I feel that people have not reacted I wanted them to. The result is just tons of regrets and living a life not for God, not for myself, but for something like… the me in other people’s eyes. Unfortunately, all those "me"s live in different terrains and it’s impossible to straighten them all.
I hope I can just remove me from the right side of the equation!

God + me =

Make me a channel of your peace…
I hope I can lift up other people. I want to stop pretending I’m the know-it-all.
Grace delivered with humility is real grace.


  1. Jane said,

    u know, if you remove "me" from the left side of the equation, it would still be true :P….not that I\’m suggesting you are neglible…lol

  2. Karen said,

    LOL so true, too bad I tend to hang on to my exsistence hehe

  3. Jane said,

    Wait, I\’m not saying that you\’re hanging on your existence too much…I mean it\’s just a math equation anyways, and it depends on whether you think love is relational or can exist independently…I was thinking that God=love is true in the sense that that\’s his character with or without us but God+you would be a different kind of love, a give and take relational love…anyway, like u said, I\’ll try not to philosophilize too much

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