September 3, 2005

shift gears

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:23 pm by changisme

I’ve done my last day of work. I feel a little weird. Theoretically, I’m tired of the job, so I’m supposed to be happy, but it doesn’t really work that way. I gave my boss a couple bar of chocolat de fruit plus a letter of thanks. Bernard, in turn, is taking me out for lunch today. I really like him as a person, as confused and confusing being a boss as he is, he is quite noble and loving.
I went to the end of the summer BBQ at Tracy’s.  I cooked some mexican food (with chinese spices, but it’s okay there were no mexicans there LOL). We had excellent trout and salad. Tracy’s salad made of lettuce, dry instant noodle bits and red wine venigar in olive oil, got an A. I had a great talk with Angel, the woman from Shanghai. She told me about how Vancouver has already become boring after a month of staying here. However, she doesn’t sound depressed like some others. She says she’d love to move arround for awhile, and maybe settle down at one place later. She doesn’t know if she would settle in north america or Shanghai.
When I came back, I feel like I should shift gears to school mode. Since I couldn’t go to the boot camp for co-op, I can’t access the online job posting. I’m a bit worried because they will come out as soon as school starts. I really want a head start on that, a head start on my new adventure.
I was talking to Elain, and she seems to be on the role already. hmmm I’d better start too!

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