September 8, 2005


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Mom finally came. I’m actually supprised that I’m not really that excited, but I’m really feeling peace as she is in the room. I know I shouldn’t be supprised but I just was. LOL I feel like there is a grown up in the room again.
My pie turned out okay for my taste, but not well for hers. I don’t know how I could forget that she doens’t like stuffing, I only thought about she liked stewed veggies. Anyway, she didn’t quite like it, but it’s okay, cuz I didn’t like it that much either. We had Thai food instead, and we both loved it. She had her usual pan fried rice noodle, the kinda Plotty loves with prawn and spice. Mine was some kinda interesting noodle soup. We sort of shared both.
Mom says she feels soo bored at my grandma’s place, sometimes she just go out to have coffee by her self… aye poor poor!  We bought her a pink jacket for only $10, she’s really happy.
I’m feeling less loss now in class, the profs are making a little more sense. I’m actually starting to like abstract algebra, but I’m quite sure it’s gonna be hard. The stats prof Petkau just intimidates me, he makes me feel a little foolish. Nonetheless, they are all very enthus about math, so as Jane puts it… quite entertaining.
"Why is this the identity? Because, identity then a bunch of operations is equal to a bunch of operations then identity." —- S. Van Wdningburger
I don’t know if it’s good to have my identity first then a bunch of operations good, or it’s it better to discover my identity later. I guess I don’t really have a choice, it’s weird.

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