September 10, 2005

Shoreline Cleanup

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:56 pm by changisme

It was a very good time we had, despite the high tide. I just knew today that river actually  has tides too! Well, I had a lot of garbage that barely fitted into Jane’s trunk. Richie found us a couple dead seals and a dead fish. He picked up a lot of garbage too. I mainly transported garbage from other people to the garbage stations, and bascially, everyone was garbage oriented today. Plotty went quite far ahead along the shoreline! Now that I have to say that’s why it’s callled the great Canadian shoreline, cuz it’s big… LOL Jane brought Cathy Lin from her math class. She lived in malaysia and was born in Taiwan. She’s really nice and we had a nice chat on the way home. The thing about her is that she’s so used to tropical climate that she thinks now is winter, well… little does she know….. there’s farther hardship to endure. LOL
Peter was hyper as usual, and very eager to have pizza hut. the rest of us had subway, which made the whole night more interesting as Mr. Freeman told us about how sheep and ram are the female and male, and how sheep milk can make cheese as well.
mr. Freeman solved my math problem so fast, I’m so happy now, because I’ve finished some of my homework finally!
I think I talk too much, but I was really happy today. Haleluja!

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