September 11, 2005

sunday cruise

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:30 pm by changisme

After church, mom and I hang out with Pau.. I find
him a very hard person to like… (he’s nice as a person, I feel really
ashamed that I can’t accept him aye…) Mom and I wanted to go see Laara, and
old friend of hers from church, and we wanted to go chat with her for awhile,
but then Paul insisted that he would wait outside, but then he started calling
us when we were still chatting, so we had to leave (Laara looked paler and
thinner… I hope she’s well at the hospital and can get back home soon. She
looks bored and probably misses Burc terribly. Then we left the hospital, but we
didn’t know what to do. We sent to Spanish Banks, but then Paul didn’t want to
stop the car, and mom said, "how can see anything if you don’t stop the car?"
Then paul said.."what’s there to see? it’s just sand and logs." Then he added,
"if you want me to stop you need to say so, (psh) Mom said,"Yes, please I would
like to stop here and take a look." So Paul stopped, and mom and I walked along
the beach. She gave me some stuff she wanted to let me keep. Then we left the
beach (oh she liked the beach very much and said I was lucky to work out there,
hehe *proud proud*) Then we went to True Confession, this really decent desert
place at broadway and alma. My mom has learnt to express her will straight out
LOL (I guess there are just different ways of dealing with different people) She
said, "I don’t want these really creamy things to eat, it’s too sweet." I guess
this wasn’t effective enough because Paul insisted we stayed anyway. Actually
one piece of the desert was really good, it wasn’t very sweet. The other one
Jane must love it, because it’s very bananaish. We finally left there and
started discussing tomorrow’s plan. I thought I wanted to spend some time alone
with mom, but then Paul keeps on saying we need to go to his place for dinner.
Mom doesn’t want to go because he doesn’t have enough plates and chairs, what we
ended up saying is that "we’ll see." I think he’s out of good intentions, but I
just can’t seem to be able to love him. God helps me! Oh and please help me
finishing my homework too!

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