September 12, 2005

gorgeous ppl!

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I can’t believe, I JUST CAN’T, Jane ran into Ichu at the Nav booth. I haven’t seen Ichu for the longest time, and I still remember her talking to me about the IB program she went to and stuff. I really do miss her. She had interesting perception of things, like… something called 个人主义, I don’t even know what that is~~~
I talked to Cathy Lin online today. She’s thinking about dropping math 223 and take 221 instead. I personally think it’s a good idea for a first year. (man…) She’s interested in the BBQ as well. I think we’ll have a lot of interesting girls this time. hehe, I don’t know if Plotty would like to come too…. I hope she could at least to see Ichu.
I’ve been sitting together with this mature student in cpsc, apparently I’m suuposed to know her, because she knows me… but I really really don’t ermember where I met her and what her name is. I’m kinda ashamed to ask. LOL She’s really nice too.


  1. Catherine Dyan said,

    There was a Nav booth yesterday?

  2. Karen said,

    I don\’t know, probably it wasn\’t exactly yesterday~~ well I meant the day before.

  3. Jane said,

    No, it wasn\’t a nav booth, I just ran into Richie and Curtis at the same time I saw Irene

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