September 14, 2005

I want to be in a fairy tale…

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:54 am by changisme

I guess I’ve already used up all my rights to be depressed this year, but I still need more. Mom’s in the air, probably already landing? Jing’s moved out. Now that I’m here in the basement, alone, as I probably might as well be, with all these homework piling up. Integration doesn’t work… because variance turns out to be zero…. I hate mannual integration like this… why am I a student!!
Everyone back to their old life, me to my homework, mom to her boring work, Paul to his buying and selling stuff on ebay, well grandma back to he life with my mom’s company. I guess there is at least one benefitted party.
arg… I don’t want to integrate everything again… When is the plane landing? The expectation of expectation of x given y is too much for my mannual labour… How come she packed for so long last night while she didn’t really have anything to bring back? I need to do integration by parts 3 times, can’t computers do that for me? When I buy a new house in Richmond, do my mom and dad wanna come and live as they say they would? I think I’m screwing up the + and – when integrating those exponentials…  That’s why I hate trouble shooting


  1. Jane said,

    yeah, I finallly feel like i\’m back in school b/c I\’m dead tired and can\’t stop thinking about all the homework I have to do…I thought u wanted to find another apartment?

  2. rukia said,

    awwwwww… poor kopish… ;__; I didn\’t get half of what you were blabling about, but I feel your pain.. =__=\’\’Yes, we all wanna be in a fairytale… hmm. maybe you wanna listen to ayu\’s "fairytale" song?! It\’s really goood… I loveeee the lyrics!! erm.. yeah.. o.o\’\’ btw, kopish.. what color do you like?! xD green?!

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