September 14, 2005

start of something new

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*I like rich dark green yes… I wonder what’s Jane’s and plotty’s ? Jane for yellow??
Prayer saves me, it was a nice day even though I’m still stuck on the same stats question. I think I’m giving up on it, it’s due tomorrow.
I feel like I’m having this huge barrier in stats that I just can’t overcome now. If I do overcome it, everything will be so easy, but I think I’ve been trying to avoid the challenge since last term, and now the consequence has caught up on me. As for what the barrier really is, I do not know.
Dad’s office moved, and he moved to my grandma’s old apartment which is so much nicer than the pigstall he was living before. I’m quite happy for him. Plus, he said he would walk about 15 min to work from now on so that he can get some exercise. He used to like basketball and table tennis… what wrong with him now that he just can’t get himself together to play? No friends to play with? aye… So many people in Beijing are having heart problems, they’re not any healthier than the Americans these days, since they eat saltier stuff too. 
Green, revives. Back to comp sci~~~ trying to get my computer to configure with the school server.


  1. K.K. said,

    I like green too lol

  2. Jane said,

    I like light green, the background of your blog

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