September 15, 2005

“You’re altogether wonderful to me”

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:41 pm by changisme

I like dark green…. the rich growth stage of a tree, and I can just imagine the many many layers of mysterious growth behind what is seen.
I’ve got a new rommie. She’s probably from a small place in China. I didn’t ask, but I can tell. Her name is Wei, and she’s very genuine girl. She told me about the painful experience of LPI, which I totally echoed. She was saying how it is psychological torture to have some people failing an exam more than a dozen times without telling them anything more than just "your English is not native/local enough". Well.. I guess it’s true, we are not local. Who claimed we were anyway.
Tomorrow I need to go to my family doctor to get her to sign some forms for my aunt and Catherine.  I haven’t been to her for almost two years, I wonder if she still remember me. I think I should get checkups, but I feel taht I know my body and I can feel it when I’m lacking something, or maybe I’m just over confident? What can she do anyway? Weigh me and give me suggestions on neck exercise? My third aunt is the one in the family who abide every single word a doctor says, and the rest of us usually invent our own life preserving philosophy. Somehow, upon hearing doctors’ advises, I just feel they are not anymore reasonable than mine (other than sergical ones I have to say).


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