September 18, 2005

Cast my anxiety…

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:43 pm by changisme

I’ve been so anxious lately because I just face my math questions, and I just have no idea how to do them. It’s like waiting for a bus and it never comes. Usually, I rather get onto a slow bus than waiting even if it ends up being overtaken by a B-Line. Logically, I guess it’s not a good idea, it’s almost like just worrying about the quantity, but not the quality. These math bugs just drive me nuts though. I just don’t know, DON’T KNOW how to do them, it’s not even too much homework that I can’t finish, in which case I would  be on the go at least.
It’s funny because during sunday school, we were sharing prayer requests, and I told my anxiety, and the leader asked, "Oh.. let’s see what does Paul say in 1 Peter 5?" And I said…" Cast your anxiety on Him for cares about you." She looked at me as if saying, pfff so well you know why don’t you practice?? I felt kinda ashamed…. I guess I need to live more, just live and see what’s really there in this world, oh and pray I guess.


  1. wanli said,

    hello chang….今天看了你的网络日志,知道你在数学方面的困难,我希望你能坚持住一切困难!我在大一时也遇到过好多这样的事情!但我把这些困难解决了,通过我和同学的交流学习,和老师的沟通等好多方法!解决了这样那样的困难!我想你会克服这些困难的!

  2. Jane said,

    Wow, talk about anxiety, I\’ve wasted my whole weekend because I am so anxious and I couldn\’t really function and study. But I don\’t think it always works, the "cast your anxiety on him" thing, because well some anxiety drive you and are healthy. I don\’t know, having been freaked out by math problems (among other things) myself, I\’m probably not a good advisor.

  3. Karen said,

    I really don\’t feel my anxiety is anywhere near what\’s called healthy, although it\’s true that I just don\’t know if I can really rid my mind of anxiety. If I don\’t really worry, then am I being responsible??Wanli, thanks for comforting me! Are you still experiencing these now?

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