September 19, 2005

This just has to do…

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:10 pm by changisme

I guess I’m either getting used to the worrying state I’ve been in, or
I’m actually being less anxious (thx to Auntie Aida and others’
prayer). I sort of start to practice (after realizing for a long time)
that I’m not all that amazing of a creature so that I can do everything
and anything.

At the TA training on Friday, I got a couple cans of Plato. Actually, I
got one, and Dustin gave his to me since I was so excited, I think he
got scared seeing a 20-year-over almost bump into the ceiling upon
seeing some colourful blobs. Anywayz… Plato was my favourite toy when
I was young… It was better than those old chinese rubber ones,
because they smell better, but back then either one could do the trick
on me.

I think my old Plato in Beijing probably has become the fossil of my
childhood if it has not yet disintegrated. I can still remember what I
used to do with Plato, but I seem to not able to invent no more. Today
during comp sci, I just played with it and for a while, I had such a
good time, but all of a sudden, I realize all those little men and
animals are what I used to do when I was younger(I remember because it
really wasn’t that long ago). I shuddered.  Aye… what can I do.
This guy (he was in my 211 and math 226 last year) sitting beside me,
by the time I realize he was there, he was looking at me weirdly. I
gave him an awkward and dry laugh.


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