September 20, 2005

a day of revival

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I think I’m quite evil in a sense that I feel better today because I
met a bunch of people who are also struggling in stats. LOL I’m
sorry…. but it just feels better when I know I’m not the only one. We
were at the TA’s office hour and all of us just bombarded the TA with
questions, and the TA said, " I feel your pain." Whatever, I guess I
just have to hang on. The class has already shrunk so much. Well…
people like Sunny are not struggling, what can I say…

ACtually, I have so much work that I shouldn’t waste time, but I went
to visit Uncle Sam and Kay, there made me so happy. Kay and I just
laughed all the way, mostly at Uncle Sam. She told me a logic problem.
If in a village, there is at least one sick dog, and each villager can
only see sickness in other people’s dogs, but not their own. So every
morning, they go out and look at others’ dogs, and try to identify
whether or not their dogs are sick, if they’re sure that their dog is
sick, then they come home at night and kill the sick dog. (each person
has one dog) Now what happened is that on the first day, nothing
happened, on the second day nothing happened, but on the third night,
there are a bunch of gunshots. How many sick dogs are there in the



  1. Jane said,

    lol, hard logic problem. what\’s the answer?

  2. Karen said,

    The way to think about this is that there apparently are sick dogs in the village from the first day, but how come on the first day no one shot any dogs? Because they\’re not sure that their dogs are sick, in other words they see other sick dogs. At the same time, they can see (the) other dog owner(s) didn\’t kill theirs/his either, you would think they could have realized their dogs are also sick, but they didn\’t kill still, that means there are more than just the other guy…

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