September 21, 2005

word questions

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:05 pm by changisme

Nick, my … what’s the word tutee?? LOL We were working on word
questions. It’s THE challenging thing for him. I think it is for many
people. I remember my mom used to tutor our neighbourhood kids math,
and they often had problems with word problems as well. It’s quite
interesting how people can’t relate math with everyday life situations.
Word problems in junior level is one thing, and also math actually can
be related, in higher levels, to a lot of problem sloving schemes and
It makes me realize that discovering knowledge and try to gain control
over things is a lot of times not people’s nature. Rather, people like
to observe a patterns. I dont really know if it’s a right conclusion,
but I do feel in a way it is. I was listening to this speech by an
Asian Studies researcher about early Chinese philosophy. How at that
time Chinese view wise not as gaining control of the world, but being
in one with the world. Following in harmony that type of thing. It
reminds me of how medicine books from that age focus more on how
illnesses can be cured through experience/pattern, rather than what is
happening in side the body so we need to use whatever medicine is
uhhh I don’t htink I’m making sense.

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