September 23, 2005

a fictional life

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My title generally aren’t suitable because I tend to go all over the place in one entry. I picked this title today is because I was wondering why I like to listen to Coast to Coast AM. It’s this radio show late at night on cFun 1410am. In the show, there are a lot of times some really stragne stuff, like ghosts, prophecies. I don’t really believe them (for no particular reasons), and that’s why I can actually fall asleep on those freaky stuff. Why do I like to listen to them so much? Do I just long for an eventful world? Well.. I don’t really want those disasters happen or a ghost hanging arround my room. (or.. do I?)  This is the imaginary part of my life.
Now the real part. This week ended better than it started, mostly because I haven’t looked at any of my assignments yet.
We are having such a … such a… such a big group in the friday Bible study! I’ve never been in such a big study before. I remember last term Curtis only had 4 or 5 people, and each time 3 or 4 showed up. On Monday, I thought Richie had a really big group, now it seems like the friday one is huge. We have 9 or something people! It’s weird because I feel Curtis is going in such a slow pace. I believe it’s no different from last term’s OT study, it’s just me. I was taking 4 courses last term and 2 of them were first year art courses. This term, 2 or 3 out of 5 profs just pour down information like rain gods. I think for them, education is no longer the purpose of the lessons, but getting to the required curiculum. Porbably they have a wrong concept in their mind about post secondary education,  they might felt it was post secondary knowledge fair.
I had a pretty disturbing devotion last night… aye…


  1. Jane said,

    every career\’s what u make out of it right? And yeah, I feel like I have so little info now that I stopped going to the honour math classes, but makes me scared about what I"m missing and what third year math will be like

  2. Karen said,

    fI think in math honour classes, it really depends on which prof you get. Laba doesn\’t tend to give low grades however she teaches. Unlike Lamb, who wasn\’t so bad in the first term ,but Ben Shortt, (he was in our 226 class, I knew him because his dad\’s a minister in my church, you should go to one of his talks, he\’s really interesting, australian+scientist, the best combo, anyway) he got the same grade as me in first term.. well 1% higher probably, but barely passed in second term. I don\’t know if he slacked off, but he doesn\’t seem like the kind. I feel like there are quite a few profs in math are like Lamb. It\’s okay to be nice to "kids", but not okay to prople who are actually gonna carry a title in math.Oh my Algebra prof, Van Willingberg, or some name of the sort, is really good!! I love her. You should try to get into her class some time.

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