September 23, 2005


Posted in Uncategorized at 12:53 pm by changisme

I was woken up at 6:30 today by the phone. I thought it was mama, cuz she always does that! I was kinda pissed because my old roommie was not very happy and now I have a new roommie, I don’t wanna have the same issue. Well… it turned out it’s 2yi. I guess that’s okay then, because she hardly calls me. She probably had hell of a time getting hold of me these past couple days.


Anyway we talked, she had some things asking me to do, but afterwards, we talked about career. I said I might be a high school teacher, but she said isn’t that a waste? I said… not really… I really don’t know what makes me look like a more worthy person than a teacher, but I guess she still has the Chinese high school teacher image, which is not very well paid before she left China. Or, she could be having that image from the States, because the kids just drive the teachers nuts. I don’t really know.


She said in our family, maybe that’s our fate, sigh, because almost everyone is either a teacher or a doctor. She doesn’t like being doctors because it’s boring, tiring and looking at sick people everyday. She said teacher must be boring too. I said… well probably if something is not boring by the time you’ve done it for a thousand times, it would be really hard.


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