September 26, 2005


Posted in Uncategorized at 8:20 pm by changisme

Whenever I see those people who are having a really comfortable pace in life, I just feel, when on earth am I gonna get to that stage where I can keep everything in line and not too bored. I seem to be either at one extreme or the other. Well…. I guess it’s not that I’m ever bored, but just have too much fun sometimes.
I was really thirsty today for some reason. I finished my full bottle of water in the morning and still wanted more. It’s interesting because Bena says that they call "shang huo" "re qi". I guess the latter actually makes more sense. I wonder if it’s just the northerners call it shang huo… hmmm
I think there are a lot of conflicts inside my character is probably I sort of carry my mom’s personality, but I like my dad’s better. I’m pretty sure many people are like that, I wonder if I need to conform to either one or just struggle to get a balance of the two.


  1. Irene said,

    Think u should just try to be yourself… u don\’t needa try to BE something… u know…. just .. do or act.. the way u want to or the way u feel like……. that\’s my opinnionnnnnnn by the way .. how did u add windows media player in ur space >< i wanna da too ><!

  2. Karen said,

    add a macro in customize –> modules… hard to explain, I would try to google it and I believe there must be instructions on this..I hope I could be as brave as some people who can just be totally themselves.

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