September 27, 2005

interview with Stats Can

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I had a telephone interview with Stats Can. It was very nice. The interviewer, Paul, was quite easy going and keeps on telling me that he’s office is so behind because he’s still using paper and pencil for interviewing record. We had some good laughs and that started off my day well.
Nonetheless, it was a technical interview, meaning he asked me a bunch of statistics and math questions that I had no idea how to answer. The good thing is, I wasn’t nervous at all. I don’t know why I wasn’t even nervous last night! I think there’s somehting wrong with me, no? There is a bad way of looking at it, is that I didn’t knowhow to answer those questions purely because I’m just no good, not because I was nervous. Even the easy questions, he asked me what was mode, and I totally forgot. Even now… what’s mode again???
I don’t think I’ll get the job though because he said they mostly hire Canadian citizen and I’m only a permanent resident. They said they’ll hire me if they exhuast all the citizens first. Man, what can I do. At least it’s a nice practice. Oh, and I just checked out, mode is the most commonly appeared data. Well, even if I know what it is, I don’t really know why it’s useful I guess. haha
It’d be nice if I could go work in Ottawa though, not as nice as if I could go find Plotty ,but it’s okay. Stacy and Doug and them might not be so happy probably.
Go back to my homework… man I missed a stats class today. I wonder what I missed.

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  1. K.K. said,

    Hey Kopish you must come to Japan to visit me >< Don\’t go to Ottawa lol

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