September 29, 2005

black eggs

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:20 pm by changisme

The chicken soup I made the other day looked realy black because of some stuff I put in it experimentally. It actually didn’t tast very bad, but I looked quite disgusting. Even the chicken looked charcoal on the outside. Everytime I ate the chicken, I had to sort of distract myself from the very look of the food. I didn’t really had the courage to drink the soup until today, even though that was the main result of chicken soup. Then I though, well, I have to get it over with somehow, so I made chicken corn soup with that, thinking the beautiful colour of the egg will cover up the dark soup, plus I’ll dilute it a bit.
The result was that the soup did get a little lighter, but the eggs ended up quite black, grey to be precise. The corn and brocolli were totally okay. I guess plantations are pretty good at resisting temptation (chu yu ni er bu ran), and when something with a central nervous system comes in, it just has to go with those colours arroungd them (jin muo zhe he)
Man.. what a bunch of nonesense!
I was so embarrassed TAing while my nose was running like a river.

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