October 3, 2005

talk less or keep talking?

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:53 pm by changisme

I think I talk too much especially when I’m happy. The consequences are:
1) act as if I know so much
2) have to try hard to talk when I’m in a bad mood so others wouldn’t feel the world is spinning the other way for me
3) say a lot of wrong things
I don’t know if I should stop because I don’t really have the ability to let the communication flow with minimal words like some others do. In addition, it’s just part of my grown up nature I guess. My friends in Beijing would be amazed by how much I talk now. haha
I talked to ZiGang today. Interesting enough, she also came to Christ through the Navs, but in the States.
She is very cute, and otherwise I don’t know much about her yet.


  1. Jane said,

    don\’t stop taking! I don\’t know, I tend to be like that too…but then hopefully the person I\’m talking to is happy when I\’m sad so they can make up the gaps in conversation

  2. Irene said,

    Wahaha HIiiii againnnnnnn you\’re offline now so i\’m leaving u a message hereeeee i wanan join the club man !! but… ofcourse not this week~~ when do they normally meet……. ? anwaysss leave me a message online or something ^^ thx

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