October 4, 2005


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I don’t know why I keep on encountering the
discussiions about the K-12 education in China in comaprison with that in North
More than often, I sound like I complain about the
work load, but actually my point really is not that kids shouldn’t work hard. I
don’t really know what the optimal work load is, but my point really is that I
was really disgusted by the way how some of my old teachers had no repect of the
kids, especially those who had good grades.
They were worried I understand, I actually had a
couple teachers started crying in the classroom because some students just don’t
get it. Well… they were not  even the one who were getting humiliated in
front of their peers, why should they cry and be sympathized? In fact, when
other students talk about it afterwards, hardly any of us took pity on the
student! I remember I had a really "good" math teacher, she taught well, but she
used to ask these couple girls (the "dumb" ones) stand up everytime we encounter
an easy question in the classroom, and neither of them would be getting them,
and she would be saying, how many times have I taught you this step by step???
Can’t you use your brain? She even used to make fun of this guy’s name because
there was a character that meant happy, and she said, if I were you,  I’d
becalled sad! For a month or two after that, some cruel kids in school kept on
calling him that.
There was this one girl in our class, she kept on
getting picked on. The teacher said in front of the class, don’t you guys pick
on girls! Then in classes, the teachers would be abusing her verbally. I don’t
know how could they be so inconsistent. I remember I befriended one of those
girls for a while in grade 7 and 8, but after a while, they seemed to alienate
themselves from the "smart crowd". She was actually quite kind, used to lend me
notes during class.
I dont’ know where are they now really. Maybe they
grow up always having this dark spot in their heart.


  1. Jane said,

    I know! my teachers used to make fun of students too,(but would avoid explicitly making fun of the rich ones who bribed them with various gifts) and always the ones at the bottom of the class (academically), as if they didn\’t have enough problems with self-esteem already…plus they\’d be kept after school to literally copy things a hundred times, making school even more boring for them and providing them with even less chance to make friends

  2. Karen said,

    It really annoys me, because you\’d think since they abandoned physical punishment almost 15 years ago, they\’d have made more progress in verbal punishment already, but according to most parents, they\’re still not. They say on reason was that for a long time, teachers had really bad pay and rewarding structure, so it wasn\’t a profession that attracted people (iono), but now they just improved their pay and holidays a lot. I\’m hoping, but don\’t really know if that would change anything.

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