October 5, 2005

grown up? T_T

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:46 pm by changisme

Am I grown up or what? Today, as I was tutoring Nick, all of a sudden, I asked myself, do I wanna go back to high school again?
That came to me as a surprise, because always, ALWAYS, when I used to ask myself, I answered yes. Even when I was in Junior High, I wanted to go back to Elementary school. Is it that I’m having such a good time in U now? I don’t know about that, because I certainly have so much  more studying to do and so much less free time.
I don’t know when I started feeling that way. It’s odd. 3 years of high school had been such a great time for me. I used to think I’d be dumb not wanting to go back to those years. For some reason, I no longer feel that way.
I’m a little scared, because … just because because! Plus, growing up always struck me as being a little sentimental, although my hormones pushes to towards independence so much, I always thought being independent and not grown up was the best. Ironically, now that I’ve finally started to grasp being dependent, I found myself not a child anymore.
I dont’ want to comment on the rights or wrongs of all that, because apparently I have no control over it. Nonetheless, I do feel something different is going to roll into sight.


  1. K.K. said,

    That is interesting! I think by my 2nd or 3rd or even the first visit back to Hugh Boyd I realized I didn\’t not wanna return to it at all. And my reason at that time was because all my friends are gradded, there\’s no point of return right?And I guess later, I started to like UBC more…I don\’t even wanna visit Hugh Boyd that much anymore cus I don\’t know what to say to the teachers lol

  2. Karen said,

    That\’s the thing. I sometimes wonder if it\’s because I\’m too comfortable in my environment now.

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