October 13, 2005

why does paper fold??

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:40 pm by changisme

I actually have been wondering about this for the longest time, ever since I was in elementary school!! Unfortunately, it always comes up when I’m supposed to be sudying (cuz I’d be blanking out in front of some paper), then I never remember it agan when I’m having fun or time. Plus, when I do google it on the internet, entries that come up are always about orgami gerr.
I guess one way to ask this question is why do some other substances can stretch and go back to the same position. You can’t really say the intermolecular force is stronger, because those things that are not foldable are not necessarily stronger.
I find group theory very interesting…. but I’m being quite bad at it now, and I’m having a midterm next week~~~ It’s like a person, can I love a person when that person is sooo high and so difficult? Well… I guess I can… but then I just need to humble myself.

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