October 23, 2005


Posted in Uncategorized at 4:17 pm by changisme

A gift of passion is such a wonderful thing to have, although I find myself unable to handle it a lot of times. It is passion that drives the most, and it is passion that gives the critical drop of in the potions. If rationality is something that I need to learn now to gain each day, passion is something that I need to learn how to keep and handle each day. It’s like hot iron in my palms, it burns sometimes, more than often I’m in a hurry to put it somewhere and can only hope that the place I’m dropping it could use it, rather than being damaged.
I always hope that passion in me can transform to compassion somehow. I have to say it’s worked its way up, but still not there. It’s such a tricky thing. In many sense, compassion and passion doesn’t correlate at all. I don’t know if I just want compassion because it’s such a nice thing to have (like a doll with long dark hair and shy eyebrowse wearing sky blue dress), or I actually want compassion because I have passion.

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