October 25, 2005

aye… the sky is grey… will the sun come out tomorrow?

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Sharon called me today, seeking some comforting words because her daughter didn’t do so well on the 2nd year organic chem midterm. I did phone her back, but my phone died half way. I think it’s better that it did, cuz I’m really not the best person to seek comfort today. I just got back my AA exam, and I totally didn’t get the "A" as in its name. I even forgot to do a 10 points question. I dont know what I was thinking, but anywayz, it was not so good. I’m kinda sad. Right afer, I went to my stats tutorial and ask for help about homework, which we can hardly do(even now that I’ve asked for help, I still don’t know how to do them). The TA was like, you don’t know how to do this????!!!!! John(the prof) is serious about his exams! You’ll totally fail if you don’t know how to do this kinda simple questions! Well… I don’t blame her for being harsh, for one, she’s from China, and also, Hohn Petcau is quite serious about his exams… and I’ve experienced that… aye…
Looking back to my organic chem… it was tough, but it’s over. And, I’m at school now staring over my stats homework, and worrying about my complex analysis  midterm tomorrow.

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  1. Jane said,

    I\’m not good at comforting either but me and Harvy used to repeat to ourselves "in ten years, these midterms will seem so insignificant"

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