October 27, 2005

small workshop turn up

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:41 pm by changisme

My math 180 workshop had a really small turn up today. It’s mainly because they just had a midterm yesterday. The people who have showed up are mostly the keeners. Two of them are actually mature students. They actually see schooling more clearly. they said, well, we paid for it, why choose not to come?
Anywayz, that’s not the main point. My point is, I totally felt how good a small class is. I didn’t really feel that strongly as a student, because I try so much to use different methods so that I can fit different people’s thinking manner, with a small class, I can pretty much suit every different person.
One of the guys is a comp sci student, and he found it so interesting to do certain questions. Ironically, those questions are about finding patterns. And I remember when Jane and I were talking to Mr. Freeman, we were talking about how comp sci is almost the classic example of analytic thinking, but finding patterns is synthetic thinking. Iono.. haha, maybe comp sci involves not just coding.. which I thought I knew.

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