October 29, 2005

Amazing Grace

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:07 pm by changisme

Our new choir at the Chinese fellowship sang Amazing Grace before the service today! It was so great. I can’t believe how these people had been this into it. Even though they have such different personality, when the song started, everyone of us was so into it. Having grown up in big cities, and surrounded by pop culture, these 20 something people can embrace a hymn this old is just "amazing"!
I harmonized with flute. It was quite interesting. During the practice, it was kinda bad, I couldn’t really find a good harmonization, and due to long time not playing, the sound was awful, and I thought, man, since we were practicing on the church stage, but later we had to do it in the lounge, if I couldn’t even sound good on a stage where sound condition is much better, how in the world am I gonna do it later in a little lounge? Later on before we finally had to do it in front of everyone, I prayed on quietly. I suddenly felt so humbled… I can’t just feel good about myself because of this piece of silvery instrument, I had to lift it up.
Then I did it! We did it! It was good, the little prelude and the harmonization both worked out well. The guys were so into it too. Unbelievable.

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