November 4, 2005

watching the wind blowing hard outside…

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~~~~//)^#*#$)(*#$^*)&#@#)@!^&@^!&(@&! THE WIND BLOWING HARD outside…
Even when I was in the wind, I knew that I’d be out of it in no time. I know where my roof is and I know I’m healthy enough to run from one spot to another, not mentioning I have my nice windbreaker.The wind is blowing…. it’s blowing outside… far far away from my small small world.
How come the sky is so high and so wide, and how come it towers over so many people cold and hungry? How come the sky has so many breaths of wind and so many mouthful of rain, that it could freeze warm hands and wash off red cheeks? Why are those who can endure no longer are still enduring?
I can’t stop thinking about the lady they talked about at lunch. Deferencial equations seemed to be so tiny! Aye… even the non-elementary DE’s would be rather elementary. If a raindrop penetrates the ceiling, WHATEVER, dy/dx, or Piscard’s Theorem, all will be soaked and melted into a blob of nonexsistence.
One raindrop…

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